The One

The Path to Power
Thorn makes a dark choice...

With the experience gained from the victory over Khenton Shadah, Thorn has taken up the Dark Arts. His studies of Lord Ithmoor’s Diephagy led him to discovering a unique route to power. Willing to use anything as a weapon in the fight against the traitorous sorceror, Thorn has studied the art of Binding, the act of binding a spirit-being onto one’s soul in exchange for supernatural abilities. Also, continuing his deep studies of the far planes led him to a new source of power. He has begun the process of siphoning the mysterious Hellfire straight from the 8th layer of Hell. Mephistopheles would not be happy if he knew. This potent substance burns hotter than any mortal fire and even overcomes fire energy resistance. The very act of channeling this mighty power drains the health of Thorn. In fact, his persuit of Soul Binding is merely to protect himself from the drain of harnessing the deadly Hellfire. While none of these abilities are evil in themselves, they may be misunderstood, and are definately tempting to abuse. Thorn must struggle with forces unknown to any but his soul, control of these dark powers has only strengthened Thorn’s resolve that this must be followed all the way to the end.

Grok's not dead!
It takes more than pure evil to kill this old orc.

Upon returning to their ship the Remnants discover a familiar smiling visage busily training the hands in the finer points of axemanship.  Grok is alive, apparently the Soul Reavers were a ruse to delay you in reaching Goliacus.

Black eyes twinkling with merriment Grok says, "You should know by now boys, it takes more than pure evil to kill this wicked old orc."


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