The One

Grok's not dead!

It takes more than pure evil to kill this old orc.

Upon returning to their ship the Remnants discover a familiar smiling visage busily training the hands in the finer points of axemanship.  Grok is alive, apparently the Soul Reavers were a ruse to delay you in reaching Goliacus.

Black eyes twinkling with merriment Grok says, "You should know by now boys, it takes more than pure evil to kill this wicked old orc."


Ugggggh! We need to get together soon… I’m dying… and failing my stabilize check!

Grok's not dead!

uhhhhh, yeah…..but seriously, i’m not gonna be back for a while…that’s why i say, we need to get an online adventure going

Grok's not dead!

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