Catfolk Ranger/Barbarian


Barbarian/Ranger 1/7 catfolk male neutral medium size humanoid(catfolk) HP 69 speed 60ft/4 AC +19=10 + 5 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 0 +1 -1 touch 13 flat footed 17 initiative +2

Str 20 +5 Dex 14 +2 con 16 +3 int 10 +0 wis 8 -1 Cha 10 +0

fort +11 reflex +8 will +2

BAB +8/+3 Grapple +13=+8+5 action point 7

melee +13/+8=8+5 ranged +10/+5=8+2

weapons legacy scimitar +12/+7 1d6+7 18-20/2 two-weapon primary type S

+1 shortsword +11/+6 1d6+3 19-20/2 two-weapon secondary type P

shortbow +10/+5 1d6 20/3 two-handed type P

Key skills balance +1 climb +5 concentration +3 escape artist +1 heal -1 hide +10 Jump +18 listen +12 move silently +14 ride +2 search +11 sense motive -1 spot +10 survival +8 swim +3 use rope +2

abilities low-light vision proficiency light medium armor all shield, no tower, simple and martial weapons fast movement +20 to speed rage: 1/day +4str,+4con,-2AC +2 morale to will saves, lasts 8 rds Animal Companion: wolf Wild Empathy Woodland Stride Favored Enemy outsider(evil)+4 humannoid(orc)+2

feats dodge: +1 dodge bonus to AC against selected target mobility +4 dodge bonus to AC against AoOs Spring Attack: move before and after attack Endurance. +4 against nonlethal damage track two weapon fighting improved two weapon fighting

possessions creature compass 1 standard action to detect certain type of creatures within 60 ft. full action to bypass its DR ring of protection +1 cloak of resistance +1 torches 2 rope 50 ft grappling hook


Nief, one of the swiftest ranger student in the academy who came from the wild society of catfolks. he does not remember anything prior to his life in the academy. However he enjoys his training in the academy. Unlike most other rangers, he is only trained in two-weapon fighting though he does carry a shortbow around for decoration. Thus, he is much more powerful as a melee fighter than most other people assume. Utilizing his catfolk heritage and his cross-class barbarian training, he is one of the fastest combatant on the battlefield, raging through grounds dealing lethal damages with his primary scimitar and off-hand shortsword. His action is so fast that he is able to move in, attack and move out before his enemy can react to him.

On the night of the assult on the academy. Nief was sleeping on a tree branch outside the academy as usual. When he sees the fire and chaos from afar. He rushed back to the academy only to find death and destructions. In the chaos, he carefully searched for any resisting forces while dodging the attackers. Of course he never missed any chance to spring attack those attackers when they are alone and vulnerable. Eventually, Nief found Grok who valiantly fought and killed many of the attackers. Grok ordered Nief to flee the academy through the forest. He also told him that an earlier group of students, Felis, Gorem, Thorn, Dragonboy and two paladins are retreating through the secret path. By then it should be sealed off already, so Nief has to take another route.

It wasn’t much of a trouble to avoid the enemies once Nief is in the forest because of his catfolk senses and ranger skills. But there are times enemies will pop out from no where and Nief was almost killed multiple times. He met another dying ranger student in the escape and realized that the tatoo on their bodies were the compass for enemies. He did not hesitate cutting either of his own skin nor his dying classmate.

In order to meet up with the party mentioned by Grok. Nief adventured across enemy territories untill he reached the resisting wizard province. By proving his loyalty and ability to fight and ambush invading socerer’s forces. Nief gained trust of the Wizzards, they prophesized that the party will be in the city of veils soon and he must watch out for a deceiving native outsider.

It wasn’t too hard for him to find out that there is a frigate called Black Mark is sailing for the city of veils, and he soon figured out that the outsider the wizzards referred to is a Rakshasa.

It was very lucky of him to become a crew member of the Black Mark. Thanks to Darkhunter’s impatience to sail off. During the whole sailing, the catfolk ironically cannot handle the rocking of the ship, so he was hiding and sleeping most of the time. Thus missing the battle between Darkhunter and the party. Feeling embarrassed and still sick of the sea, he decided not to show his face untill he is in a better condition.

When the party ventured into the city of veils. The catfolk took another route and passed the party. He pretended to be sleeping under the bridge when the party found him. He didn’t enjoy this little joke too much because he learned that Gorem was just turned into stone and Felis, one of Nief’s close associate died from a greataxe a while ago. Remembering the words of the wizzards, Nief hold the weapon of legacy firmly in his hand and swear to kill the Rakshasa holding him responsible for the misfortune of Felis and Gorem.

His oath was full-filled when he finally slashed the legendary Scimitar into the Rakshasa. Now Nief is a member of the Grok’s Legacy. The story has only begun.


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