Goliath Monk


Gorem, decendent from the high mountains to the north remember little of his past but the bloody slaughter of his tribe by a raiding band of giants and trolls. He was the only survivor of the assualt.

Gorem can never recall how he met Trasden, a human monk and his adoptive father. One thing he remembers from Trasden is his noble way of solitude and a heart full of love and care. Gorem, just like Trasden took the vow of poverty and the vow of purity in the belief that if they suffer more themselves, the rest of the society will suffer less. Unfortunately Trasden died 2 years after traveling with his beloved diciple. His last wish was for Gorem to futher eleborate himself into something more in the famed academy. Knowing Gorem’s horrible dreams of the slaughter, his last word to him was :”Justice but not vengeance.”

Gorem continue to follow his vow of poverty and devote himself to the most exalted ways.

The sudden strike upon the academy left the young monk no other choice than flee with other students. His heart sickened when he left Grok behind to protect them.

Gorem is one of the most skilled Grappler in the academy. His goliath heritage allowed him to out-strength most of his rivals. During the journal, he grappled, pinned and eliminated a young red dragon, a large white dragon, a large shark and even forced the Rakshasa into submisstion. His noble heart and lawful good tendency made him extremely merciful to his enemies, including the elven pirates and the Rakshasa.

However his story comes to a break in the City of Veils. He was scouting for the party simply because of the lack of a ranger or rogue. The monk unfortunately looked into a lurking basilisk’s eyes and failed his will save thus turning into a stone permanently. Shall this be the end? Gorem thinks not, he knows his friends will do their best to bring him back just as he would do to them if they are in trouble.


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