The Fighter instructor from the Academy and savior of most of the Remnants.


Grok Male Orc Chaotic-Good Fighter 12

Str 23

Dex 12

Con 16

Int 8

Wis 10

Cha 6

 F: 11           R: 5             W: 6

Ini: +1

hp: 130

AC: 22

+2 Greataxe +22/+17/+12   1d12+15  19-20/X3  


Grok, who has never told anyone his last name, was himself a product of the Academy.  He spent many years adventuring, trying to find his true origin.  No one knows if he succeeded, before retiring to teach at the instiution that raised him. What is widely known is that he is one of the deadliest axemen to ever cleave a skull to the teeth.  He is often gruff with his contemporaries but he has a soft spot for young people, who he treats like his own children.  When the Academy was attacked he helped many students escape before he was captured and sold into slavery.

Eventually he was rescued by some of the very students he saved. Now he is commanding the sloop Grok's Legacy as a privateer in the war against the usurper Lord Ithmoor.


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